The health of our guest and colleagues is of utmost important to us

Pleas click the following file, to see the protocols that Al-Beit Lodge puts in place, to keep it`s guest and everyone safe.


As we are in a complicated moment in time, that is disturbing all corners of the earth, we are absolutely aware of the fact that our guests need a special attention to make sure that they are healthy, protected and fine.

A comprehensive review of our cleaning and sanitation procedures has been conducted with the COVID-19 outbreak (Coronavirus) in mind and Al-Beit Lodge has elevated its readiness to deal with this situation.

This was done to ensure the absolute peace of mind for our guests and colleagues.

Key staff members have been identified and trained in all aspects of the COVID-19 by the steps put in place by the South African Health Department utilizing the COVID-19 Hotline number: 0800 029 999